Iron Helix Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Iron Helix Mac main menu
Game start deck 4
Found DNA sample but it is non-human
Another DNA scan - human from crew member Semenov, T.
Riding elevator/lift between decks
Lower deck 6 limited lighting/power found another sample
Deck 6 loading dock
Scanning on deck 2 for samples and change map to orthographic to watch out for sentry. It is down on deck 5 marked by X
Deck 2 restroom looking at my probes reflection in the mirror

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Intro FMV explaining the situation and breakdown.
Intercepting the captain's distress signal.
Activating the remote arm to connect to the computer.
Usable DNA! A good start.
Bio data in the ship's computer banks.
There's a wide variety of logical crew rooms.
Ladders help you move undetected.
Plenty of places to look for DNA.
Dodging the defender outside the room.
Enough time for a snack?
Only two probes left.

Windows 3.x version

Install screen
Main Menu
Title screen
The beginning
Game start
Probe arriving
Probe entering the station
DNA detected
Access denied
Corridor paneling
Climbing the ladder shaft
Probes and time left
Corridor with some chairs
Acquiring a DNA sample
Unknow DNA
Probe reflected in the mirror
Auxiliar engineering
Dark corridor
Loading dock
Corridor paneling
Game over - Calliope being hit by a nuke