Iron Lord Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen
Game start
Visiting your castle
Raise armies
Visiting the next village
A visit at the herbalist
Another village

Amiga version

Title screen.
The main map.
At your castle.
The option screen at your castle. Here you can save or load a game or declare war.
Riding across the country.
A village.
The archery tournament.
Missed the bull's eye.
Talking with the herbalist.
The village of Lorando.
At an inn. Don't mess with the innkeeper if you know what is good for you.
A shifty shop owner.
An assassin attacks you!
Swing your sword to fight off the assassin!
A poor miller.
At the knight templars' abbey.
The head monk of the abbey.
A knight at the abbey.
This city is a rough neighborhood.
At a tavern.
The pretty barmaid.
Playing dice.
Arm wrestling.
The leader of a band of mercenaries.
Second phase
Last phase
You failed !

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Initial map
Riding on to my destination
Arriving at the town
Is that a herbalist near the fountain?
Something north west (sorry, I don't speak French)

Atari ST version

A murderer
Go to the next town
So nice
You must win for your honour
At your castle.
The herbalist.
At an inn.
At the village of Lorando.
A miller.
At the Knight Templers' abbey.
A monk.
This city is haven for dirt bags.
A mercenary leader.
At a tavern.
Talking to the bar maid.
Playing dice.
Arm wrestling.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
World map
Entering your family castle
Moving inside your family castle
Traveling overland
Walking in a village
Fighting a knight
You have died and failed in your quest

DOS version

Iron Lord title
Game map
You and your horse at the castle
Travelling between map locations
The herbalist shop
Archery contest mini-game
Ambushed on the road, parry and attack
Death and defeat
Another village.
Inn keeper.
Shop keeper.
Knight Templar.
In a city.
Mercenary leader.
Dice game.
Arm wrestling.
Title screen (CGA).
The map (CGA).
In our castle (CGA).
Riding on our horse (CGA).
At Chateway Malabry (CGA).
Fighting with a sword (CGA).
Lorando (CGA).
Buying items (CGA).
The Abbey (CGA).

ZX Spectrum version

This is the game load screen. It displays for quite a while after the game has loaded while the game plays music. It goes when the player presses 0 (zero)
This is a sort of game menu. The player moves the cursor via number keys, 8 - down, 9 - up, 6 left, 7 right and 0 to select
In one of the houses is a mysterious old man. The player must use the number keys to select an option from the menu
This is what is displayed when the 'Discuss' option is selected, it seems like a bit of a disappointment ...
Thankfully there's more. It seems as though Uncle is up to his tricks again.
To exit the conversation screen This player had to point to the 'X' at the top of the menu and select it
This is the inventory screen, its accessed from the same menu as the dialogue
Selecting the yellow house just off centre of the screen. The game plays a little animation in the top left window and moves a small pale blue dot along the road to the destination
The big yellow house is the players ancestral home, bit of a dump now though. The window in the top right shows the player moving about a map of the location
So the only good bit of this castle is the tower, all the player must do is try to find the door
Once in the tower the scene changes to a view of the landscape. Here the player can review the armies raised so far and issue a command to go to war
So there are zero armies available, he won't be going to war just yet then
As he leaves the player is attacked by an assassin
This is the combat screen. Using the numeric keys the player must attack or block the assassins sword
The upper bar is the player, the lower is the assassin
Looks like dear old uncle is behind this