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Another Cinemaware masterpiece DOS EboMike (3138)

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Amiga 32 4.2
DOS 24 3.5
Combined User Score 56 3.9

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AmigaInfo (Jul, 1990)
Like other Cinemaware movie games, this one is a combination of graphic adventuring and arcade gaming. But ICFTD integrates the two types of gaming better than any of Cinemaware's earlier titles. The sound effects and the music are the best, and most perfectly appropriate, I've ever experienced in a game. A sequel scenario will be released by the time this hits print, and I can't wait. It came from the Desert is one of Cinemaware's finest efforts.
DOSAbandonia Reloaded (Dec 14, 2005)
As you can see, it will take a lot of patience and effort to play this game, but the more you give it, the more rewarding your experience will be. A clear rating of 5 for a great game such as this!
DOSPC Leisure (Nov, 1990)
With the strict time limit forcing you to perform well, the tension mounts in a way not seen since Cinemaware's earlier classic, Rocket Ranger. A superb game, and Cinemaware's best attempt at creating a movie-like experience yet. Not to be missed.
AmigaCommodore User (Jan, 1990)
It goes without saying that It Came From The Desert is extraordinarily polished. The sections all interlock fluently, whilst the graphics, as ever, are excellent. All the townsfolk you come into contact with appear as large animated stills, whilst the locations are authentically put together. The sound adds to this, with a suitably eerie tune for much of the time which changes as you visit other locations, for example to country rock at the bar and the radio station (KBUG), and hoe down violins at the various farmsteads dotted around the map. I could tell you about there being over twenty locations, and how large amounts of the game play randomly, but you have probably got the picture by now - It Came From The Desert is Cinemaware’s most complete game yet. All this and you get to see decent Americans terrorised too!
Superb graphics, sound and gameplay are all part and parcel of this stunning Cinemaware masterpiece. Don't miss it.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1990)
Die Programmierer haben es diesmal großartig verstanden, die zahlreichen Action-Einlagen logisch mit der Handlung des Abenteuers zu verknüpfen. Die detailreichen Grafiken gehören mal wieder zum besten, was der Amiga zu bieten hat, wen stört es da, dass das Scrolling hin und wieder minimal ruckelt? Und die Musik? Von imposanten Horror-Hymnen bis zum Blues der wilden 50er ist alles vertreten! It Came From The Desert ist ein technisch perfektes audiovisuelles Erlebnis, das mit viel Witz und Einfallsreichtum Filme wie „Tarantula" oder „Formicula" auf die Schippe nimmt.
AmigaThe One (Dec, 1989)
It Came From The Desert may not be Cinema ware's strongest game design (Rocket Ranger still holds that title - despite the fact that, with hindsight, we did underrate it), but it comes a very close second, and as an atmospheric movie-like experience, there's nothing to touch it.
AmigaAmiga Action (Feb, 1990)
If you thought that Rocket Ranger was about as good as Cinemaware was going to get, then It Came From The Desert Is here to prove you wrong. The graphics are about the same standard, and the sound is really atmospheric. The gameplay, however, is slightly better than in previous Cinemaware games, with a lot more to both see and do. Buy this game at all costs.
AmigaZero (Jan, 1990)
I played it with a hint sheet for about three hours and even then, I felt that I had only scratched the surface of the game and it will be quite a while before anyone actually saves Lizardbreath from the rampaging ants. If your Amiga has the memory, then there can't be that many games around that are more worthy of 30 quid.
AmigaCompute's Amiga Resource (Jun, 1990)
Where an old sci-fi movie buff can have fun is in the game's deadly accurate parody of the genre. The ancient prophecy! The mysterious meteor! The strange tracks in the desert! The terrified townspeople! The corny dialogue! All that's missing is the old scientist's lovely daughter, screaming with her fist in her mouth as the dripping mandibles approach.
AmigaZzap! (Feb, 1990)
This is the best combination of adventure, strategy and arcade genres since the classic Rocket Ranger, also from Cinemaware. Some of the arcade sequences are great games in themselves - I particularly like the hospital scene where your run and hide from the chasing nurses and doctors: zipping around in the wheelchair is hilarious fun! The adventure itself is superb with a classic B-Movie storyline and typically slick Cinemaware presentation to heighten the atmosphere - the giant ants are so well animated, they're scary! With each new game the course of events is slightly different and therefore never predictable. Of course there's the inevitable disk access and shuffling, but it's not too intrusive and all pretty rapid.
Taken as a whole, ICFTD is probably the best yet from Cinemaware - with special merit going to an atmospheric soundtrack - and anyone who enjoyed previous efforts are certain to enjoy this one.
AmigaJoystick (French) (Jan, 1990)
A la seule résonance du nom de Cinemaware, on pense déjà à Defender of the Crown, the King of Chigago etc... It Come from the Desert serait-il à l'image des précédents? Il nous semble, en effet, que cette nouvelle super-production soit encore superbe. La qualité du graphisme et du son sont à la mesure de la réputation de cette société. It come from the Desert n'échappe donc pas à cette règle, et reste un jeu d'aventure graphique hyper intéressant, avec des rebondissements et des retournements de situation à chaque instant. Un très bon produit.
Though the Cinemaware format, used in Rocket Ranger, Three Stooges, Sinbad and several others, is now becoming a little tired, ICFTD is one of the best of its type and the PC version is no disappointment.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Feb, 1990)
Happily, familiarisation with the game makes it a compelling challenge. The arcade sections ensuring that, however much you play it, it's never too easy to complete. Another great computer-movie from Cinemaware. It Came From The Desert will have you reaching for your insect repellent in no time at all.
Der Sound ist superb und vielfältig. So gibt es zu fast jeder Szene eine eigene Melodie. Der Sound, der im Hauptteil läuft, ist richtig gruselig wie im Kino. Die Grafiken sind ausgezeichnet, nur das Scrolling läßt zu wünschen übrig. Es ruckelt arg, besonders im Abspann, wo man den Eindruck hat, er wäre mit ‘Deluxe Video‘ produziert worden. Hier sollten die Programmierer doch noch etwas üben. Das gibt einen Bewertungspunkt-Abzug! Trotz dieses kleinen Mankos möchte ich CINEMAWARE zu ihrem Spiel gratulieren. Wenn Ihr ein strategisches, actiongeladenes Adventurespiel sucht, solltet Ihr Euch die Killerameisen ruhig mal ‘reinziehen.
AmigaAmiga User International (Jan, 1990)
These silly scenes, oh and the stupid knife fight, are a blot on an otherwise excellent game that whilst not as immediately appealing as Rocket Ranger, is still a great testimony to what can be achieved on the Amiga when it is put in the right programming hands,
DOSPlné Hry (Nov 06, 2004)
Těm, kdo vlastní nějaký rozumný emulátor Amigy, se vřele doporučuje stáhnout a hrát Amigovskou verzi. Její grafické provedení je totiž podstatně lepší než na PC, které přece jen evidentně nebylo hlavní platformou (to dokazuje i malé srovnání pod tímto textem). Stejně tak ani ozvučení není již dnes na špičce, mezi chyby by se dala zařadit i nevyrovnaná obtížnost, zábavnost a provedení jednotlivých miniher, z nichž se It Came from the Desert skládá. Nicméně tohoto všeho si všimne skutečně jen ten, kdo bude za každou cenu hledat něco, co by jinak skvělé hře vytknul. It Came from the Desert je klasika a do týdne nostalgie patří plným právem. A teď už dost řečí: městečko Lizard Breath čeká na svého prvního velkého hrdinu.
AmigaObligement (Aug, 2009)
Pour conclure, je dirai que ce jeu, même s'il n'est pas parfait, est une véritable perle vidéoludique. Je le recommande à tous. A noter que le jeu a connu une suite en 1990 nommée "Antheads : It Came From The Desert II", dont les événements se déroulent cinq ans après. Mais cet épisode ne rencontra pas le même succès.
AmigaAmiga Format (Feb, 1990)
This is the closest Cinemaware have come to producing their interactive movie. The whole feel and atmosphere of the subject material has been caught excellently and, unless you are playing with one drive, it moves along nicely. The arcade games are simple, but it is the adventuring side of things that really keeps you at it. Good stuff, but only if you have got the upgrades.
AmigaPower Play (Feb, 1990)
Mit trister Tricktechnik, schaurigen Schauspielern und krankhaft knapper Kasse zauberten die Regisseure der 50'er Jahre Werke wie "Tarantula", "Formicula", "Godzilla" und andere "-lalas" auf die Kinoleinwand. Heute erschüttern diese munteren Machwerke mit ihren Knet-Monstern eher das Zwerchfell als den Zuschauer. Der billige Science-fiction-Horror wurde inzwischen von der Cineasten-Gemeinde zum Kult erhoben: so schlecht, daß schon wieder lustig. Diesem Charme der "B-Movies" konnten sich die Cinemaware-Programmierer nicht entziehen und entwickelten ein Strategiespiel zu diesem Thema.
AmigaHonestGamers (Oct 31, 2014)
In conclusion It Came from the Desert was another swell Cinemaware game for Amiga owners to lord over their PC-owning friends, and anyone who doesn’t agree is either a mindless thrall of the six-legged overlords or some sort of pinko beatnik. Are you a mindless thrall? Probably, but I’m afraid I have no time to heroically pummel you. Apparently the nice gentlemen at the door are here to deliver my new couch. Oooh, there’s a matching Ottoman!
Es gab einmal ein verdammt cooles Action-Adventure für den Amiga mit dem Titel lT CAME FROM THE DESERT. Da wurde dem Player ein kinomäßiger Vorspann präsentiert, gruselige Klänge erfüllten den Raum, und detailreiche Grafiken erfreuten die optischen Sensoren. Jetzt, nach langer Zeit, ist das Garne endlich für den PC erhältlich. Aber statt die Fähigkeiten dieser Maschine voll auszunutzen, bekommt man ein Produkt vorgesetzt, das wirklich nur als Pfusch bezeichnet werden kann.
Unless you disliked past Cinemaware releases such as Rocket Ranger or Lords of the Rising Sun, you will undoubtedly like Desert. Fans of 50's science fiction films will, of course, be delighted with the "authentic" atmosphere of the game. They should not think, however, that this is just another pretty set of sounds and graphics. It Came From The Desert is a very playable and compelling game with many enjoyable hours to be experienced.