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7 Wonders of the Ancient World Credits


Game DesignerJason Gholston
ProducerMatt Saettler
Lead ProgrammerLynnette Lines
Graphic DesignerMatt Hayhurst
Level DesignersJason Gholston, Matt Saettler
Sound DesignerAlejandro Gutierrez
Technical DirectorCraig Robinson

Post Production

Project ManagerRichard Moe
ProgrammerNed Wallace
Quality AssuranceKazunori Sasakura, Alejandro Gutierrez, Dana Organ, Jason Alcock, Kamal Larsuel (Ms.), Keith Melton

Post Production Europe - Mr. Goodliving Ltd.

ProducersEero Pöyry, Niko Leskinen
Lead ProgrammerVille Kivistö
Post ProductionJaakko Lehikoinen, Jani Savolainen
Quality AssuranceSampo Hiljanen, Janne Immonen, Markus Kiukkonen, Kai Kysenius, Artturi Lehikoinen, Sauli Lehtinen, Antti Lyyra, Mikko Sinkko

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (165409)