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Press Release:
    Romero's AXA is back as Mobile Phone Game!

    AXA - the comic created by Enrique Romero, more known for his illustrations to Modesty Blaise - is back as a Mobile Phone Game.

    The action-packed adventure game features original illustrations from Spanish artist Romero. It is written and produced by Swedish screenwriter and feature film producer J. Pingo Lindstrom.

    AXA Mobile Phone Game might be the largest adventure game ever made for the mobile phone platform. It features hours of gameplay in over 50 different locations, 20 items to interact with, tons of villains to destroy and lots of complicated puzzles to solve.

    Enrique Romero created the comic AXA in 1978 and it was first published in the UK-based newspaper The Sun. It had over eight (8) Million readers - daily!

    The fan base grew strong and in 1986, Romero launched a color comic magazine in the USA. Since then, all the episodes have been re-printed, most notably by Ken Pierce Book in USA.

    Writer & producer of the game, J. Pingo Lindstrom, recently completed the feature film thriller ANGRY, featuring Hollywood actor Bo Svenson (Quentin Tarantino's KILL BILL, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS).

    The game is developed by German Dark Crystal Entertainment.

    A feature film version of AXA is in developement.

    For more information, see Official Website:

    Developer's information site:

    Jan 10, 2011

    Contributed by Claudia Kollschen (261) on Aug 08, 2011.

Dark Crystal Entertainment Website:
    Romero's AXA

    AXA is back! Unizarre and Dark Crystal Entertainment bring back the tough comic heroine from the 80s with a new episode of her adventures for mobile phones!

    The Story

    While exploring the post-apocalyptic world, AXA witnesses a violent raid. Mutants attack the colony of a surviving tribe and hijack two girls. AXA follows the mutants in order to rescue the girls...

    Various Locations

    The mutants' traces lead AXA through the wilderness with ruined houses and underground caves, through an old sewerage system and finally into the taken city to the mutant's headquarters.

    Action and Adventure

    On her mission, AXA encounters dangerous creatures which she must fight with her trademark, the sword. Furthermore, she discovers many items which she can collect, use and combine.

    Atmosphere and Gameplay

    Pictures from the original comics introduce the player to the story. The simple control of the main character and the icon-system for the item management make for a fluid gameplay. An atmospheric soundtrack with different themes creates the right mood.


    • A Sexy Heroine
    • Sword Fighting Action
    • Challenging Puzzles
    • 50 Rooms To Be Explored
    • 20 Items To Be Discovered
    • 6 Beautiful Rendered Graphical Settings
    • Pictures From Romero's Comics
    • Atmospheric Symphonic Soundtrack
    • User-Friendly Icon System
    • Item-Item Combinations
    • Automatically Saved Game State
    • Many Hours of Entertainment
    • Part of a bigger marketing campaign for reviving AXA as a brand

    Contributed by Claudia Kollschen (261) on Aug 08, 2011.