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Mobile Game Faqs (Jul 19, 2005)
The playability is as disappointing as the graphics and sound. I thought that at least the game would be fun to play as there are 3 modes to play and unlock and lots of courses to drive on. Then there's the F1 element, you get given a weather percentage at the start and have to choose your tyres. In race you have to pit at strategic points, and learn how to pit fast. Your fuel and tyre condition are located in the bottom left of the screen. What lets the game down is that it's just too damn hard. Maybe it was me, but I do love driving games and am pretty good at them usually. The championship mode is not that hard but some of the courses can be pretty tricky and with the other drivers on the screen and the random element you may find yourself spinning out of control a lot. Even the entry into the pits is not easy and needs to be taken slowly.