Cake Mania Credits (J2ME)

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Cake Mania Credits


Game DesignerJason Gholston
ProducerMatt Saettler
Lead ProgrammerScott H. Pultz
ProgrammerLynnette Lines
Graphic DesignerMatt Hayhurst
Sound DesignersJesse Holt, Alejandro Gutierrez
Technical DirectorCraig Robinson

Post Production

Project ManagerRichard Moe
ProgrammersNed Wallace, Jin Park
Quality AssuranceKazunori Sasakura, Alejandro Gutierrez, Dana Organ, Jason Alcock, Kamal Larsuel (Ms.), Keith Melton

Post Production Europe

ProducerNiko Leskinen
Lead ProgrammerMikko Uromo
Post ProductionJaakko Lehikoinen, Jani Savolainen
Quality AssuranceArtturi Lehikoinen, Janne Immonen, Jari Pitkänen, Riitta Kauppila, Teemu Hakuli, Hannu Halonen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (189763)