Critter Crunch Credits (J2ME)

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Critter Crunch Credits


ProducerShereef Morse
Associate ProducerAaron Hartman
Director, Product DevelopmentScott Cuthbertson

Capybara Games Team

ProducerSean Lohrisch
Lead ProgrammerRadek Koncewicz
ProgrammersKenneth Yeung, Travis Simpson, Adam Rivard
DesignMatt Repetski, Kris Piotrowski
Level DesignMatt Repetski, Sean Lohrisch, Tim Maly, Radek Koncewicz, Dave Langlois
ArtistsDavid Hoang, Vic Nguyen
Additional ArtMike Nguyen, Sylvain Coutouly
MusicSean Lohrisch
SoundSean Lohrisch
QADan Vader
Executive ProducerTom Frencel
Special Thanks to Capy TeamBrad Young, Joseppe T. Blocco, Hank Hudson, Krenwinkle Family

Living Mobile Team

ProducerJan Herodes
Project ManagementJiří Soukup
ProgrammingTomas Hrstka
QAAleš Běhal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (206682)