Hip Hop Immortals Credits (J2ME)

Hip Hop Immortals J2ME The "apartment" that serve's as the game's main menu


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Hip Hop Immortals Credits

For Massively Mobile

Technical DirectorMichael Foster
Creative DirectorDemetri Detsaridis
ArtJ.J. Carroll
AnimationJ.J. Carroll
Visual DesignMae Chong, Scott Gursky
Tools ProgrammingJ. D. Harlan (Chip)
QAStephanie Foster, Karen Leavitt
Special ThanksBen G. Gehan

For Sock Bandit

Executive ProducersMark Suroff, Matthew Suroff
ProducersBig Joseph (Jay), Bonz Malone, Tom Hunter

For Zingy, Inc.

GM / ContentScott Debson
GM / Apps and GamesKevin King
Executive ProducerMatthew McEnerney
Network TechnologyThanos Vassilakis
MusicMike Levine
Sound DesignHaeyoung Kim

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