Jupiter Lander Credits (J2ME)

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Jupiter Lander Credits


ProgrammingKristian Iversen, Daniel Andersen
GraphicsSøren Andersen, Tue Damkaer, Mogens Skjold Overbeck
SoundThomas Egeskov Petersen
DesignSøren Andersen, Tue Damkaer, Kristian Iversen

The Commodore Gaming Team

The Commodore Gaming TeamBala Keilman (Funky Deva), Jeroen Blankenstein (YEE-HAA!), Sean Charles (Overboard), Michiel Kroder (Dr. Evil), Taco van Sambeek (Burrito), Radhe Webster (The Lieutenant)


ProducerOle Mogensen
Marketing ManagerMarkus Schuetze (retro)
Product Development ManagerIestyn Tronson
Deployment & Relationship DirectorLorraine Starr
Porting ManagerThomas Forycki
Submission ManagerMarcel Chauvet
Deployment AssistantAlonso Cela
QA ManagerGhulam Khan
QA LeadDaniel More O'Ferrall, Sean Carter
Special Thanks toJim, Gareth, Alli, and the rest of Eidos New Media.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (177149)