Krypton Factor: The Original Credits


Executive ProducerStephanie Boyer
ProducerJuan Serrano, Paul Depré
Creative DirectorStanislas Dewavrin
Lead Game DesignerJuan Pablo Sajfar
Game DesignersMartin Liguori, Andrés Vergez
Lead ProgrammerAlejandro Medici
ProgrammersSebastian Lucas, Mariano Burgos, Javier Riveros, Sebastián Gioseffi, Alejandro André
Localisation ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
LocalisationAlicia Buffa, Fred Leung, Mariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman, Susan Patrick
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Lead ArtistTsune Toda
ArtistsAriel Wagner, Emiliano H. Córdoba, Hugo Cadiz, Nicolás Abaca, Hector Vamp Pohl
Sound DirectorMathieu Vachon
Sound DesignerJorge Peirano
Music Composed byJorge Peirano
Sound TestersAlexis Vicens, Nicolas Trovato, Gabriel Vinazza, Christian Heinz
QA ManagerLam Hong Phu
QA Project ManagerNguyen Chi Thanh
QA LeadsHua Binh Dai, Vo Thi Yen Nhi, Nguyen Duc Bao Chanh
QAPham Thanh Dat, Ngo Quang Tuyen, Le Minh Khuyen, Luong Huy Tan, Pham Thanh Phung, Nguyen Phuoc Loc, Nguyen Thi Thuy, Ngo Nguyen Tong Quan, Tran Anh Duy
Special ThanksFrançois Bodson

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Credits for this game were contributed by gamedevwannabe (388)