Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail Credits


ProducerThe Mighty Troglodytes
Executive ProducerVincent Dondaine (VGM)
Project ManagerDavid Cicurel
Game DesignersYann Fernandez, David Richier
Technical DirectorAlessandro Di Meco
Lead DeveloperAlexandre Lautié
DeveloperFabien Kautzmann
Tools DevelopersAlessandro Di Meco, Fabien Kautzmann, Jean-François Moser
Art DirectorDavid Richier
2D ArtistsSimon Butler, Alexandre Lemaire, Julie Pistre
MusicGuillaume Lebrasseur (VGM)
SoundsGuillaume Lebrasseur (VGM)
QA ManagersDavid Magnin (VGM), Frank Rosay (VGM), Hugues Wanner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (506100)