Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Screenshots (J2ME)

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J2ME version

Main menu
Background story
The world map
Loading screen
Starting out with only a castle - and some rats that need to be taken care of
Picking a place to build
Building in progress
Producing heroes at the warrior guild
Putting a reward on this lair so that the heroes attack it
A wizard guild
A marketplace is necessary for the economy
Showing the mini map
Rangers explore the world at their own will
Blacksmith can be just to upgrade weapons and armour
Mission completed
Upgrading the castle
Statues can be built to increase the morale of heroes
Sewer entrances pop up as the village grows - and spawns monsters
Wizard attacking a zombie
Heroes pick up any treasure they come across
Guard towers offers some protection
This temple produces healers
The tax collector is enormously important for collecting money
Achievement accomplishment
Village is being attacked by trolls
Showing information about this ranger
Hero being poisoned by a zombie
A graveyard under attack
Casting a lighting spell
A necromancer that needs my help