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Advertising Blurbs

gameloft.com (developer's product page):

    Join Ethan Hunt on the Ultimate Mission!

    Throughout the game's ten levels, you'll relive the greatest moments from Mission: Impossible™ 3, complete with a storyline and surroundings that are inspired by the film. You'll revisit the scenery and ambiance of the main locations and meet up with characters from the film.
    You'll be taken by surprise by the stages of intense action that come your way one right after the other as you play Ethan Hunt or one of the other two IMF agents. You won't have a chance to rest! With enemies attacking you from all sides, you'll have two options for neutralizing them. Attack them using one of your available weapons (stun gun, pistol, MP5 submachine gun, grenade launcher, and more) or send them flying using one of your many spectacular close combat moves. And to make these combat stages even more amazing, some of them take place in slow motion. You'll also see parts of the environments crumble right before your eyes from explosions that happen throughout the game. If you want to survive, though, you'll have to avoid the traps that await you, such as mines and lasers. Plus, for some of the trickier missions, you'll have to thwart traps without the use of your lethal weapons. Over the course of the game, you'll discover three exciting mini-games. Make masks of your enemies' faces and sneak around incognito, find the right combination to break into a top secret laboratory, or rearrange components of a circuit to transmit a signal to a server. Lastly, as in a RPG game, you will discover new weapons, unlock new combat moves, or play different characters who have their own special features.
    For enhanced gameplay in Mission: Impossible™ 3, several missions give you the chance to control a combat helicopter. Open fire on enemy vehicles and helicopters, dodge their missiles, collect bonuses (new weapons, multi-shot firing, repair kits, etc.) and get ready to battle bosses with destructive fire power.
    And even if your mission seems impossible to you at times, as a member of the Impossible Mission Force, you'll always find a way to get out!
    • Official mobile phone game of the Paramount Pictures' film Mission: Impossible™ 3.

    • Storyline and settings that are inspired by the film.

    • Remarkable graphics: unbelievable animation with never-before-seen combat moves, magnificent sceneries, and characters with extremely detailed graphics.

    • Innovative gameplay: action, reasoning, and arcade stages, plus lots of mini-games.

    Features and screenshots may vary by handset.

    Contributed by Sciere (488615) on Aug 03, 2006.