Mission: Impossible 3 Credits (J2ME)

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Mission: Impossible 3 Credits


ProducersAlexandru Adam, Cristian Soare, Dan Teodorescu, Stefan Zamfir, Alexandru Petrovici
Associate ProducerPhilip Bouchet
Executive ProducerPhilippe Laurens
Game DesignCristian Soare, Dan Teodorescu, Andrei Vasilescu, Gabriel Nicolae Stancu
ProgrammingAlexandru-Mihai Tica, Cosmin Halmagi, Razvan Jurcă, Andi George Matei, Alexandru Chica
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
GraphicsIulian Agapie, Daniel Rosu-Gutman, Cornel Oprea, Etienne Périn, Cristian Laurentiu Stefan, Razvan Burlacu, Emilian Octavian Enache, Anca Beldie
Music DesignMathieu Vachon
Sound DesignMathieu Vachon
Quality Assurance ManagerCostel Apopii
Quality Assurance LeadsEugen Baicea, Petru Matei Binescu, Bogdan Alexandru Titu, Mihai Banica
Quality AssuranceTeodor Vasile, Ioan-Gabriel Postole
Viacom Consumer Products Vice President, InteractiveSandi Isaacs
Viacom Consumer Products Sr. Director, InteractiveHarry Lang
Special ThanksJason Ahl, Darren Miller

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