Mission: Impossible 3 Screenshots (J2ME)

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J2ME version

Title screen
You are briefed before each mission.
Sneak up on enemies to save ammo.
The first one to stand is going down.
Wait until the laster disappears to pass.
Ethan Hunt shows off his Blitz move.
The first helicopter level
The first boss: target the different sections of the aircraft.
Luther has a stun gun that breaks shields.
The face reconstruction mini-game
The small robots on the right detonate if you come near them.
The electric circuit mini-game
The game speed is increased in this section: dodge the obstacles.
A boss in the second helicopter level
The guess-the-password mini-game
This situation will take care of itself.
Shoot the canisters to take out that enemy.
If someone is hiding behind an obstacle, you can pull them over and slam their head on it.
These crates hold health or ammo.
Ethan knows his Matrix.