Oasis Credits (J2ME)

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Oasis Credits


Lead ProgrammerJeff Castanon
ProgrammersDaniel Miya, Joe Ridino
ArtRebecca Riel
TestingBryan Hubina
AudioRob Pearsall

Mind Control Software

DesignersAndrew Leker, Marc LeBlanc
Lead EngineerMarc LeBlanc
Executive ProducerTim Turner
Associate ProducerDarren Koepp
EngineersMatthew Douglass, Benjamin Young
Lead ArtistTynan Wales
ArtistMike Lim
ComposerHarry Mack
Sound DesignerHarry Mack
TestingJordan Cates
Scenario DesignersWilliam G. Dunn, Tim Stellmach, John Szeder

Playfirst, Inc.

Executive ProducerKenny Shea Dinkin
ProducerAndrew Mayer
Producer Mobile VersionBryan Davis
Marketing Manager Mobile VersionKirstin Ohm
Art DirectorNicholas Stern
QARekekah Hash, Justin Pace
Special thanks toChristopher Chan, Mike Dickey, Brad Edelman, Sheridan Hitchens, Glenn Mulvanney, Heidi Perry, Bruce Sherrod, Nicholas Stohlman, John Welch, Erik B. Zwerling, Rich Roberts

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204278)