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J2ME version

Title screen
Main game screen
Marissa is one of the four playable characters.
Drinking, in Cohen's kitchen.
Seth has a little problem.
The punching bag comes with a memory mini-game.
Complete objectives to advance the story.
Use the map to move around.
Ryan's tutoring in the student's lounge.
Grab all the smileys in this mini-game to keep a good conversation going.
Multiple option appear when approaching a character, but not all of them are available right away.
There is a storyline as well.
The screen on your cell phone, where all important information is stored.
The diner where you can work to earn money.
Time to meet some new people.
The driving mini-game
Julie always has interesting items to sell.
The Asteroids mini-game
Shopping for clothes in the mall.
General statistics after an activity
The mini-game in the diner: catch the correct items to serve the clients.
Other characters are begging for attention all the time.