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Real Football 2009 (J2ME)

Real Football 2009 J2ME Title screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Real Football 2009 Credits


Executive ProducersMatthieu Gosnet, Mathieu Verlaet, Nabil Ait M'Barek
ProducerWang Qing Qing
Creative DirectorsMatthieu Gosnet, Sun Tao
Art DirectorArthur Hugot
Programming DirectorsBrice Ramard, Qiu Wei Min
Game DesignSong Wei, Han Boyu
Lead Graphic ArtistQu Jian
Graphic ArtistsWang Zheng, Zhang Huan
Lead ProgrammersXie Quan Zhi, Chen Dong, Wang Xuan
ProgrammersJiang Tao, Chen Hai Jiao, Gao Lei, Zhu Shi Yu, Zhao Jian Kai
Audio DirectorMathieu Vachon
Sound DesignersMarco-Leonce Volcy, Jorge Peirano, Arnaud Libeyre
Localisation ManagerAlexis Green-Painchaud
LocalisationAlicja Buffa, Fred Leung, Susan Patrick, Mariko McDonald
Quality Assurance ManagerWang Peng
Quality Assurance LeadGao Wei
Quality AssuranceLiu Zhi Cheng, Wu Tian Xiao, Wang Tian Xin, Huang Di, Xu Peng, Xie Chuang, Xu Bo, Zhang Shuo, Li Shuang, Zhang Jian, Qu Sheng Hai, Yao Ming Jie, He Zi'Ang, Zeng Wei, Liu Liu, Zang Li, Yang Xiao, Li Chao, Duan Xiao Lei, Yin Wei Wei, Chen Bo, Gu Shun Yao, Tang Ran, Song Yan, Ding Feng, Wang Chen, Zhang Ya Li, Jiao Peng
Studio ManagerYu Fei
Special ThanksCpC

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