Silent Hill: Orphan Credits (J2ME)

Silent Hill: Orphan J2ME Title screen


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Silent Hill: Orphan Credits

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH

ProducerAxel de Rougé (KDE-Europe)
Product ManagerSachie Tomioka (KDE-Europe)
Head of Mobile BusinessFlorian Stronk (KDE-Europe)
Technical ConsultancyNicolas Le Gland (KDE-Europe), Fabien Demeulenaere (KDE-Europe)
Special thanks toWilliam Oertel (Producer KDE-US), Tomm Hulett (Associate Producer KDE-US)


Technical DirectorEirik Moseng
Creative DirectorPelle Stafshede
Game DesignerPelle von Koch
ProducerMatte Brus
Associate ProducersQiu Guan Chen, Yao Yao
Project ManagerVadim Kuzenkov
Lead ProgrammerEvgeniy Seryshev
ProgrammersIvan Zaytsev, Niclas Börne, Calle Andersson, Ren Ren, Su Nan Nan
Lead ArtistAnders Korodi
ArtistsKatten Hallström, Zhao Na, Li Na Ran
Made withINK Technology

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