Silent Hill: Orphan Screenshots (J2ME)

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J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting out in the lobby
Clicking on an object opens up menu
Suddenly someone starts to talk with me
Examining a window
Found a compass
Browsing through the inventory
A puzzle involving a clock
In the kitchen
Talking with Karen through the vent
The bathroom. Examine the symbol on the wall to go to the bloody version of the world.
Here we are. It's quite gross
It's dark in here so I have to use a lighter
First encounter with a monster
Taking damage
After a while you get to play as another character: Moon
Finding the corpse of Ben
Opening a safe
A clue is written on the wall
Bloody version of the kitchen - Don't want to know what they are cooking there
First aid kits are needed are needed or you'll likely die
In the classroom
Here I have to enter the missing word
In the last chapter it's time to play as Karen, the girl Ben was previously talking to