Smash the Mole Credits (J2ME)

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Smash the Mole Credits


ProducerThe Mighty Troglodytes
Project ManagerAlessandro Di Meco
Game DesignersJulie Pistre, David Richier
Technical DirectorAlessandro Di Meco
Lead DeveloperFabien Kautzmann
DeveloperChristophe Sadoine
Tools DevelopersAlessandro Di Meco, Jean-François Moser
Art DirectorDavid Richier
2D ArtistsRemy Buscail, Julie Pistre
MusicRomain Guillot, Gonzague Octaville
SoundsRomain Guillot, Gonzague Octaville
QA ManagerHugues Wanner
TestersAgathe, Axelle, A. Azaizia, E. Dalleu, L. Dieuaide, Hugo, Léa, C. Oury, Sébastien, C. Voluter, L. Wach

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505776)