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SolaRola Credits

For Progressive Media

Concept and DesignFredrik Olsson, Ole Mogensen, Thomas Nielsen
Lead ProgrammerFredrik Olsson
Additional ProgrammingHenrik Lunardi Weide
ArtworkJan Halfar
StoryAndrew S. Walsh
Level DesignSebastian Kandulski, Ole Mogensen
MusicThomas Egeskov Petersen, Ole Mogensen
SFXThomas Egeskov Petersen, Ole Mogensen
ProducerThomas Nielsen

For Eidos

ProducerOle Mogensen
Marketing ManagerMarkus Schuetze
Product Development ManagerIestyn Tronson
Operations SupervisorAllison Hope Archer
QA ManagerGhulam Khan
QA LeadSean Carter
Special thanks toEveryone at PM and New Media, Caspar Gray, Heiko Höpfner, Thomas Buchhorn, Rene Van Speybroeck, Jürgen Goeldner, Michael Nürnberg, Kristian Iversen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (174613)