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Jack Keane

Jack Keane Screenshots

Windows version

Menu Loading Screen
Main Menu
One of the many game loading screens
Game Settings
Monkey Island anyone? (intro)
Title (intro)
Some mobsters tied Jack up (cutscene)
Jack tries to outsmart the baddies with multiple choice.
Even the Big Ben get's cleaned now and then.
Those mobsters won't let me go down.
Dumping the barrel to make the platform lighter.
Chapter II - The Journey (cutscene).
Do you see a secret agent anywhere on this screen?
Jack talks to an even more unsuccessful captain.
The store in Cape Town.
Amanda trying to put some nicer cloth on.
Mmmh, this jacket and hat seem rather familiar.
Finally convinced the agent to get rid of his camouflage.
Save Game Screen
The Jungle Ruins
Out of the Jungle, Jack finds a village
The elephant and his rider only help Jack a little
Playing as Amanda
Looks like Jack's in trouble now!
Entrance to an ancient looking temple
This cave looks dark in-game too.