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WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jun, 1997)
Minor quibbles also include the animated grid overlay used to gauge terrain grades. The grid turns off between shots – an annoying oversight. And “animated”? Slowly draping over the ground isn't a feature worth bragging about. Still, from play mechanics and graphics rendering to course design and multiplayer capabilities, JACK NICKLAUS 4 is one of the most well-crafted games – of any genre – that I've seen in years.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Apr 09, 1997)
Jack Nicklaus 4 looks like it is going to be one of the great golf simulations. The graphics and feel of the game are up to par with the competition. Most of the glitches that I found when I reviewed the demo version are gone, with the exception of the action sounds. What really makes this game shine is the course designer. With its ease of use and powerful features, the course designer is the best one out there. It has never been easier to create a great looking custom course with the ability to then go and play it. For those of you out there looking to get into course design or who just want to take a crack at creating you own championship course, you should not hesitate to get Jack Nicklaus 4.
WindowsComing Soon Magazine (Oct, 1997)
I found myself on a golf course for the first time in many years the weekend before playing Jack Nicklaus 4 for the first time. My golf game hasn't changed at all since the last time I played: average drives, terrible 3 wood, pretty good short iron game and putting that ran from average to awful. I am sad to say, for me, that I play exactly the same way on Jack Nicklaus 4. That's why it is a great computer golf game. Even at its simplest and most forgiving level Jack Nicklaus 4 is a tough game. At the pro level the demands are even higher and the rewards greater. When you find yourself mimicking the golfer on the screen, shouting out "Yes!!" when you make a great shot and groaning and holding your head when you three-putt from eighteen inches, then you know the game has got you.
WindowsGamezilla (1997)
Nicklaus 4 is golden. In my opinion it is the best golf game on the market. The other premier golf games, Links and Microsoft, are equal in quality and enjoyment in actual course play, but Nicklaus 4 sets a new benchmark with its outstanding extras. The details, fantastic graphics, multiple courses, and course designer elevate it to the top. If you have always wanted to design a course of your own, this game is a must. If you have enjoyed previous versions of Nicklaus or any other golf games on the market, spend the $45. For the price of one round of real golf, you can own the best in computer golf.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 11, 1997)
All these criticisms are more in the form of a wish list for future versions than attacks on this one. JN4 is a superb piece of work: powerful, full-featured, gorgeous, and fun. Since it has the ability to bring forward all previous JNSE courses - and there are hundreds of these - it hits the market with more playable course than any competitor. (Cruise some of our links to get an idea.) It will undoubtedly rule its category for some time to come, just like Jack himself ruled the game for thirty years.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Apr, 1997)
Wer jeden Monat den "Data Becker Wohnungsplaner" zur Einrichtung seines 20 qm-Wohnklos mit Kochnische rauskramt, wird vom "Jack Nicklaus 4 Course Designer" hingerissen sein. Fünf Golfplätze, photorealistische TrueColor-Grafik, zehn Spielmodi, aber auch einige kleine Schwächen im Detail - das ergibt einen respektablen zweiten Platz hinter Links LS.
MacintoshMacworld (Feb, 1999)
Featuring five courses, network play, a convincing physics model, and the ability to create your own courses from scratch, this golf simulation has only one bogey: the delay between swinging the club and the corresponding animation.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (May, 1997)
Jack Nicklaus 4 muß sich wahrlich nicht vor der Konkurrenz verstecken. Es ist gut spielbar, grafisch voll auf der Höhe der Zeit, und besonders der geniale Editor begeistert. Er ist nicht nur einfach zu handhaben, sondern erlaubt auch ohne langes Handbuchstudium schnell ansprechende Ergebnisse. Weniger erfreulich ist das Fehlen der Computergegner; wäre doch gerade ein Duell auf eigens erstellten Bahnen sehr reizvoll gewesen.
WindowsPC Joker (Apr, 1997)
Auch Digi-Golf macht in geselliger Runde am meisten Spaß, und gerade hier spielt der gute Jack seine Stärken voll aus: Schneller Bildaufbau und Verzicht auf die übliche Win 95-Fensterflut garantieren Spielfluß und Übersicht. Bloß am Green ist das Gitternetz zu grobmaschig und die Angabe des Gefälles zu ungenau, um den optimalen Schußwinkel und die perfekte Schlagstärke auf Anhieb zu finden. Auch wäre es schön gewesen, ein komplettes Turnierjahr mit Preisgeldern absolvieren zu können, anstatt spätestens nach 18 Löchern wieder im Hauptmenü zu landen. Aber man kann eben nicht alles haben - auch und oft gerade am Computer nicht.
WindowsPower Play (Apr, 1997)
Ein echter Konkurrent für die “Links“-Reihe waren die “Jack Nicklaus“-Spiele eigentlich nie. Dazu fehlte der Golffamilie aus dem Hause Accolade schon immer die nötige Perfektion, Detailfülle und Realitätsnähe. “Jack Nicklaus 4“ ist da leider keine Ausnahme: Zwar gibt es optisch und akkustisch durchaus Lobenswertes, ja grafisch stellenweise gar Besseres als beim Access-Konkurrenten (wie unpixelige Bäume), doch die Bedienung ist für Golf-Fans einfach zu simpel. So fehlen wichtige Einstellungen wie zum Beispiel die Feinabstimmung Eures Standortes zum Golfball und eine jederzeit eingeblendete Übersichtskarte. “Links LS“ bot mit den zahlreichen größenveränderlichen Fenstern Optimales — bei Accolade gibt‘s hingegen nichts dergleichen. Exzellent allerdings ist der sehr gute Kurs-Editor, der kinderleicht zu bedienen ist und trotzdem jedes Detail beinhaltet. “Jack Nicklaus“ spielt sich nach wie vor locker und flott, aber allein der Editor rechtfertigt den Kauf für Golf-Fans.
WindowsPC Jeux (Aug, 1997)
Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien, c'est bien connu. Et à trop vouloir en faire, cette simulation gâche un peu le plaisir de jeu. A réserver aux initiés. [...] Un logiciel très complet, rigoureux et sophistiqué, mais un peu difficile à maîtriser.
WindowsJoystick (French) (Jul, 1997)
Bref, malgré l'éditeur, JN4 est un peu en-deçà de ses concurrents directs, d'autant plus que le comportement de la balle (qui semble s'engluer lorsqu'elle roule) est assez surprenant, les bruitages catastrophiques et l'aspect pédagogique peu exploité.
MacintoshMac Ledge (Nov 16, 1997)
After playing LINKS PRO and LINKS LS for Macintosh, playing Jack 4 was a refreshing change. The swing mechanism was pleasant to use, and the course look and feel were easy to grow accustomed to. The biggest plus to this package is its course designer, something I've been dying to try, and although it is not the most graceful program out there, I think it will please many armchair golfers who try it. Yes, Jack 4 does have some short-comings and is not as powerful as LINKS PRO or LS, but it isn't as difficult to play (or as complex) as LINKS either. I think LINKS players will be pleasantly surprised when they play Jack 4. It isn't always on the same graphic quality plane as LINKS LS, nor does it feature LINKS' deadly precision and preferences; but it does compete.
As a product, Jack Nicklaus 4 continues the tradition as one of the finest golf game available. It is a mature product that is fully, 100% Windows 95 compatible. The only way I think it can be improved on is to have Jack himself looking over your shoulder while you are teeing off, or holding the flag at the hole on the green. But since he is spending the majority of his time designing courses now, I don't suppose that will be happening. Feel safe in purchasing this game, it is one that I am sure you will enjoy.
MacintoshMac Addict (Apr, 1998)
Despite the course designer, Jack 4 is not the best golf game. Access Software's Links LS offers two important advantages: richer graphics and better gameplay. Jack 4 redraws about twice as fast as Links, which makes play more bearable at higher resolutions, and Links LS doesn't come with a course designer. But we'd rather be playing golf than building courses for an inferior golf game. In the end, Jack Nicklaus's line of golf sims doesn't live up to his legend.