Publisher Xplosiv released the game in support of The Everyman Campaign, run by The Institute of Cancer Research to raise awareness of, and fund research into, testicular and prostate cancer at The Everyman Centre in Europe. For the initial 6 months, Xplosiv will donate 30p from every game sold to The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign with the aim of raising £10,000.


The development history of Jacked is long and complex. The released game is actually based on two games that were in development at different studios and never finished. The first game was also called Jacked and in development at The 3DO Company, with people who had worked on the original Road Rash games. 3DO went bankrupt in 2003 and the game remained unreleased.

Some time later, Sproing Interactive Media GmbH started working on a game based on Jacked with the same concept: Torque Savage Roads. It was supposed to be a movie tie-in with Torque, and to be published by JoWood. Development was halted at the end of 2004 when JoWood decided to drop the movie license and make a new game based on the bike jacking concept, now called Jacked. Still unhappy after the changes, JoWood terminated the contract in June 2005. Empire Interactive snapped up the rights and had the game completely reworked by Sproing to what it is today.

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