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Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster (PlayStation)

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Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster Credits

Radical Entertainment Development Group

Lead Game DesignerGalan Akin
Lead Fighting and AI DesignerMike Skupa
Game and Level DesignTom Rademacher
Lead ProgrammerScott Andrews
Lead Fighting and AI ProgrammerLiberty Walker
ProgrammersTorre Zuk, Marcel Barker, Ryan Ridout, Carlo Yu, Peter Mielcarski, Wilkin Ng
Level ArtistsDanny Maher, Robin Kort, Richard Marchand, Ivan Mićković, Jacob Krarup, Beau Sutton
Lead Animator and NISNeeraja Vaid
Lead Fighting AnimatorJennifer Hamilton
AnimatorsJonn Mohr, Jim Yang
Lead Special Effects ArtistJeff Kuipers
Special Effects ProgrammerPeter Veys
Character Modelling & TexturingNicholas Tay
Front End ArtistChristopher Byron
Executive ProducerJeffrey Kearney
ProducersIain Ross, Stacy Allyn Hendrickson, Kirsten Forbes
Art DirectorRick Stringfellow
Technical DirectorAndy Rogers
MusicGraig Robertson
Additional MusicMarc Baril
Re-recording Engineer and Sound EffectsChris James
Additional Sound EffectsGlenn Jamison
Music MasteringGraemme Brown
Music Mixing EngineerSteve Royea
Bass GuitarBrian Minato
GuitarRuss Kline
Sound ProgrammersTimothy Hinds, Donnie Gossett, Tristan Grimmer
WritersRick Hohn, Richard Side, Gary Fisher
Voice OversJackie Chan, Richard Side, Kirby Morrow, Paul Dobson, The Beach Studios Calgary Alberta
FMV Animation DirectorKen Steel
FMV AnimationPaul Brown
FMV Modelling Texturing and LightingTodd Pollich
Pure 3DKatrina Archer, Tim Bennison, Nigel Brooke, Jesse Cluff, Kevin Coughlan, Martin Courchesne, Rav Dhiraj, Gabriel Jones, Greg Mayer, Geoff Sowrey, Neall Verheyde
QA DirectorLee McKinnon-Pederson
QA CoordinatorMark Bayrock
Quality AssuranceJeremy Isaak, Chris Dellinger, Andrew Barker, Kent Wilson, Jon Vandermeer, Michael Wong, Patrick Donaghy, David Orne, Jason Bone, Steve Mitchell
Additional QADale West
Special Thanks toMichael Sturrock, Anja Haman, Rod Davison, Morgan Hibbert, Martin Twigg, Kitsilano Secondary, Alias|Wavefront
The JC GroupJackie Chan, Willie Chan, Solon So, Kenneth Low, Andy Cheng, Man-Ching Chan, Nikki Li, Sumiko Yahagi, Brad Schenk
Video by AM ProductionsMarcus Rogers, Neil Thompson, Richard Mintak
Motion Capture by FuturelightDanny Michelson, Suzie Duncan, David Minton, John Schmidt

Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

ProducerBrian Love
Associate ProducerZach Wood
Assistant ProducerJason Barnes
Technical DirectorScott Maxwell
Test ManagerRobert Sablan
Testing SupervisorsJohn Ubalde, Jeff Greenhut, Seth McNew
Lead Product AnalystJohn Stookey
Product AnalystsNico Bihary, Weston Boucher, Steve Cupp, Joshua Hutchins, Matt Jenkins, Shakir Johnson, Aaron Orsak, Levi Weiershauser, Jordan White, Arick Wong, Lee J. Yi
Special ThanksJohn F. Kaiser III

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (54462)