Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Screenshots

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DOS version

the list of mercenaries
Before launching into the first mission, you need to hire a few soldiers or fortune.
There's a weapons auction between missions.
Mission briefing and map.
There are three basic terrain types: the well-known jungle...
...frozen landscapes...
...and a rocky desert.
The mission map.
Clearing a building with grenades.
Tear gas grenades contaminate an area (the dotted tiles).
The inventory screen.
You can combine items to improve your equipment.
If a soldier has action points left, he may interrupt the enemies' move.
Bridge battle. The redshirts are easy targets.
Use first aid kits to patch up wounded companions.
Locked door, no key? Lockpicks will do the job.
On ice, soldiers may slip and fall.
A single soldier with good cover can take on multiple enemies.
Some missions require blowing up targets...
...others preventing targets from blowing up.
Debriefing after a successful mission.
A bridge explodes.
Create your own scenarios with the powerful editor.
Mission editor: the letters mark the water depth.
Mission editor: The red arrows show the doors' status.

Windows version

Ivan's equipment
Single mission