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BattleSphere Jaguar Title screen.


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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - Jaguar:

    Galactic Conquest Never Looked So Cool!

    800 Years in the future, slaughtering aliens is still a favorite pastime of the seven known races. In this enlightened age, however, all hostilities are confined to a spherical region of space which is known as the BattleSphere. Within this area rages the war to end all wars. To the victor goes the spoils, which in this case, is control of the entire galaxy. You've been chosen to defend your race in the most fearsome space combat ever seen. The fate of the entire galaxy rests on your shoulders, so suit up, select your ship, and prepare to enter the BattleSphere.

  • Single player and multi-player options
  • Network up to 16 consoles for 32-player mayhem
  • Five different game variations to choose from
  • Over 16.7 Million optic nerve toasting colors
  • Parallel Processing Polygon Engine for blazing speed
  • Real-time light-sourcing and lens flares
  • Over 40 different enemy ship designs to obliterate
  • Configurable controller schemes
  • Over 15 adrenaline-pumping tracks of musical carnage
  • Fluid movement and namination at a full 60FPS
  • Over 6 different weapons of mass destruction
  • Full 360 3D environment with 6 degrees of freedom
  • More secrets and codes than Roswell and Area 51
  • 3D Stereo sound effects of galactic proportions

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Aug 14, 2003.