Written by  :  João Gabriel (3)
Written on  :  Aug 02, 2006
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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I don't think this is a bad game...

The Good

At least I do not dislike Checkered Flag for the reason most people say it: The controls. At first, of course, I thought it was very strange, but in a way, they are just... well... unique :P. Seriously... The control of the car is very unusual and sometimes FUNNY (if you're in the mood) but, with time, is very cool to get the timing and the right tapping tricks to each curve, and the happiness when you just don't crash into the walls is unbelievable.. LOL The options are really nice: Weather, Tires, colors and stuff, just nice... The courses are pretty cool either, sure, nothing compared to something Jaguar could really do... I mean, why not put some scenary's details as scaled sprites? It would certainly be better than those block based penguins and trees... But the problem for me isn't here yet...

The sound of the engines is normal... and the musics could be better too...

The Bad

But the unforgiven problem with this game to me, is that THERE'S NO 2 PLAYER MODE! I just can't imagine a game in which the one and only objective is to finish first that doesn't have 2 players mode... This may sound silly, but in my opinion THIS is what kills this game.

The Bottom Line

Probably this is not a game you'll enjoy at first, but give it a chance and you will see it has some good points. Just try not to see it as the bad copy of Virtua Racing it meant to be. Its fun... but certainly could be much better.