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Advertising Blurbs

U.S. print ad:
    The Galactic War Has Begun.
    Do you know where your pods are?

    The evil Pernitia Empire has the ultimate weapon: robotic technologies that can rebuild themselves. The good news is your forces had new weapons designed. The bad news is your scientists were seized by the enemy and sealed into pods along with vital supplies and information.

    As pilot of Cybermorph Transmogriffon, a prototype morphing attack craft, you must recover the pods so the resistance fighters can halt the Pernitia Empire's sinister march toward galactic domination.

    Cybermorph is packed in every Jaguar 64-Bit system and packed with intense 3D texture-mapped graphics, CD-quality sound and real-time, real-world action that'll help you explore 50 separate worlds of canyons, valleys, vortex towers, force fields, power stations and fast-flying hostile enemies aiming to blow you away.

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on Apr 27, 2004.

Jaguar Manual Introduction:
    The Galactic War has begun, and the ultimate weapon has been created: robotic technologies that can rebuild themselves. As the evil Pernitia Empire adds planet after planet to its growing empire, their regenerative technology becomes permanently entrenched.

    Fortunately, your forces had new weapons designed ... unfortunately, they were seized by the enemy. The weapons, along with supplies and information, were sealed into pods. Some of the key designers were cryogenically suspended and put into the pods as well.

    You have been assigned to pilot the only prototype fighter craft in existence: the Cybermorph Transmogriffon, or T-Griffon, a morphing attack craft. Although usable only in planetary atmospheres, it can be transported between worlds by intersolar cruisers, and has it's own re-entry and retrieval systems.

    The T-Griffon can follow terrain extremely close at high speeds. It can also hover and fly backwards by altering its shape. It can withstand extreme damage by regenerating parts, using technology similar to that used by the Pernitia Empire. The T-Griffon also features a holographic intelligence agent named Skylar, who will give you crucial battle information.

    You must recover the pods so the resistance fighters will have the weapons, equipment and expertise necessary to stop the spread of the Pernitia Empire. Skylar will keep you informed of newly downloaded intelligence about the planet's surface. When you recover the number of pods known to be in the sector, Skylar activates the retrieval code and the beam portal opens which will take you to another sector.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Aug 13, 2003.