Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods Credits (Jaguar)

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Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods Credits


DirectorStephen A. Mitchell
ProducerTed Tahquechi
DesignersJeffrey Gatrall, David Bottomley, Stephen Wadsworth
3D EngineAndrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd.
Character Model ArtistPaul Johnson, Magenta Software Ltd.
Project ManagerAndree Rickard
Project CoordinatorMark A. C. Green
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Harris, Magenta Software Ltd.
Jaguar ProgrammersRobert C. Dibley, Jakes Mo
Creative ServicesGreg LaBrec
Marketing ServicesGreg LaBrec
Tools ProgrammersMatt Jesson, Chris K. Lowe
ArtistsDave Worton, Stephen Wadsworth, Kevin M. Connolly, Paul Charisse, David J. Harper
Motion AnalysisCarl Swanick, Mark A. C. Green
CinepakDavid Bottomley, Jakes Mo, Dave Worton, Kevin M. Connolly, Paul Charisse
MusicCombatdisk Ltd, Bell X‑1, Paul Charisse
Sound EffectsCombatdisk Ltd, Bell X‑1, Paul Charisse
Motion ActorsPete Landi, Marc Cass, Ray De Haan, Dave Worton, Stephen A. Mitchell
Voice ActorsMiklos Perkin (Quentin), Ben Campbell (Ramirez), Lawrence Bayne (Kortan), Katie Zegers (Clyde), Don Dickinson (Arak), Lorne Kennedy (Malone), Graham Haley (Mangus), Tracey Moore (Female Favellan)
Lead TesterHank Cappa
TestersTal Funke-Bilu, Harry Kinney, Lance J. Lewis, Dan McNamee

Gaumont Television

DirectorFrederic Dybowski
MusicRamon Pipin, Hervé Lavandier
WriterSerge Rosenzweig
Art DirectorsGuillaume Ivernel, Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Line ProducerChristine Blache
ProducersMarc Du Pontavice, Christian Charret
Executive ProducersPeter Davis, William Panzer

Bohbot Entertainment, Inc.

Chief Executive OfficerAllen J. Bohbot
PresidentRalph Sorrentino
COORalph Sorrentino
Executive Vice President, Worldwide SalesRick Levy
Senior Vice President, Domestic Consumer ProductsEllen Echelman

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