Ruiner Pinball (Jaguar)

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Written by  :  Bruce Clarke (72)
Written on  :  Dec 05, 2006
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Video pinball just isn't the same thing.

The Good

To my eye, the graphics look pretty good. The artwork is smooth and are nicely blended. Still, it's just video pinball. Even considering that you just activate the right or left flipper, the controls are responsive. Besides all the standard pinball gadgets such as bumpers and flippers, the two tables also have moving targets such as airplanes and bats. The screen scrolls smoothly as the ball zips around. Both tables have plenty of color, sound effects and wackiness.

The Bad

Ruiner really doesn't seem to flex the Jaguar's 64-bit muscles. Honestly, it resembles pinball games on various 16-bit platforms. There isn’t anything happening in Ruiner that couldn't have been done on a Super Nintendo or an Amiga. Even the lowly Sega Genesis has pinball games that aren't much behind this one in terms of graphics and sound.

The Bottom Line

Ruiner is a decent enough game if you can find it on the cheap, but frankly it just doesn't stand out from the crowd.