Ultra Vortek Credits (Jaguar)

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Ultra Vortek Credits


DirectorKris N. Johnson
ProgrammerKris N. Johnson
Art DirectorJim Meier
Character DesignCurt Hatch, Kris N. Johnson, D. Christopher Salmon
ProducerKris N. Johnson
Background ArtJim Meier
AnimationDale Meier
3D Rendered CharactersCurt Hatch, William C. Walker
Stop‑Motion ModelsD. Christopher Salmon
Image EditingDale Meier
Costume DesignChristopher Hansen
Box Cover ArtJim Meier
Manual ArtCurt Hatch
Manual StoryTim Huntsman
MusicDale Meier
Additional MusicWilliam C. Walker
Sound EffectsDale Meier, William C. Walker
Guardian VoiceTim Huntsman
ActorsToni Fitzgerald, Lamont Hanna, Clark Stacey, The Tinman
Hardware SupportCurtis Coalson
Quality ControlClark Stacey
Lead TesterHarold Kinney
Additional TestingSteve Ashby, Steve Beckman, Hank Cappa, Curt Casper, Christopher Charles, Frank Coles, Tal Funke-Bilu, Philip B. Gelber, Lance J. Lewis, Jason Mainini, Dan McNamee, Eric D. Riley, Manuel Sousa, Nathan Tan, Jennifer Vernon
Special ThanksNormen B. Kowalewski, J. Patton, Bill Rehbock, Sam Tramiel
Executive ProducerScott G. Arnold

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