Jail Break Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

The beginning
An escapee has been shot
"I could use a drink right about now."
An innocent bystander
Here comes another innocent bystander
Obtained a new weapon
Instead of rescuing the warden, let's gamble at the casino
5000 points for rescuing the innocent
The escapee with no top on is invincible
Ohh, mamma!
High Scores

Arcade version

Title screen
Intro - jail break
Intro - police in action
Game starts
Rescue hostage
Enemies with grenades
Ambush - life lost

Commodore 64 version

Start Screen
Stage 1
Damn it!
A male hostage walks toward a convict
Got hold of another weapon
Someone has shot a hostage
A convict appears from underneath a manhole
A convict surrenders
"Go home, missy. It's too dangerous for you here."
Stage 2
Stage complete
Stage 3
Convicts hanging out of windows, just waiting to shoot you
Stage 4
Stage 5
The kidnapped warden

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
Shoot the convicts
Convicts in man-holes to avoid