Advertising Blurbs

Back of IBM PC Box (Thunder Mountain US Release):
    Interactive Fiction - Teens/Adults

    JAMES BOND 007

    You grip your ski poles tightly as the snow above your head suddenly explodes with ricocheting bullets. "All right, 007," you tell yourself, "let's get on with it." And so begins an adventure that takes you from Siberia to Paris to San Francisco in pursuit of the evil industrialist, Max Zorin. Your name is Bond, James Bond. And only you can defuse the madman's plot.

    An all-text adventure that features:
  • Crisply written prose that captures all the action and romance of James Bond
  • A taste of life in the fast lane as the world's most famous secret agent
  • Advanced techniques that allow you to give commands in plain English
  • Fully developed, individualized characters that respond realistically

  • "With the release of A View to a Kill, the real 007 is you." - A+ Magazine, May, 1986.

    Contributed by Caltrus (388) on Feb 18, 2006.