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James Bond 007 in The Living Daylights: The Computer Game

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ZX Spectrum
Amstrad PCW
Commodore 64

Advertising Blurbs

Back of Commodore 64 Box (UK Release):
    JAMES BOND 007

    Brad Whittaker international arms dealer and megalomaniac Necros - his ruthless sidekick killer. Koskov, double dealing KGB General and the beautiful Kara, the sophisticated Czech cellist who wins the hero's heart. Watch them against James Bond, renowned British Secret Agent (for whom love and death is a way of life) and you have all the ingredients for a super spy story) and a great gripping game!

    The game is closely based on the all action film and coin-op Arcade game from Arcadia, but puts you into the action as you control James Bond through eight fast and furious levels. Moving from Gibraltar to Afghanistan, you encounter the SAS (friendly) and the KGB (not so friendly) enemy helicopters (very unfriendly!) and even a milkman with exploding bottles!

    Now go ahead and join James Bond - living on the edge!

    Contributed by Caltrus (344) on Feb 19, 2006.