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Loading Screen
Fighting a Na'vi-player in multiplayer.
Choose your look.
The Pandorapedia explains what's up with all the stuff you'll find during your journey.
The humans hard at researching stuff.
Driving a boat with weapons - always fun.
Made myself invisible in order to suprise the dogs.
Meet me in Avatar-form.
What a view on one of the Na'vi-cities.
Each sector holds several challenges.
Na'vi are good with the sword.
Buying a defense outpost in the world-domination-mini-game.
The humans have access to much more powerful weaponry.
Attacking a sector in world-domination-mode. Looks like I'll win.
Using a spell that unleashes the power of Pandora itself.
That's one ugly rat or something.
Flying around on a big dinosaur-like thing.
Choose your weapon - although the game will automatically equip the best when picked up.
A flamethrower-solider thinks he can win against two avatars.
Gained a new level and unlocked new stuff.
Don't I look good? Meanwhile my next objective is down there in that orange circle.
I've already conquered 12,3% of the planet. Victory is at hand!
Don't worry - you didn't accidently take drugs. That area of the planet always looks that colorful.
Ridin' a horse through the hills.
That tree in the back is a teleporter.
Fighting a helicopter with bow and arrow - and it works!
Choose your destination.
I'm a Klingon - FEAR ME!
Even a Mech is no problem for an Avatar.
Fighting a General - although he looks like every other soldier.
These things replenish my health and ammo.
Expand the Pandorapedia by taking pictures of things (only humans).
Na'vi are at peace with the plants and the wildlife. Humans on the other hand - well look for yourself.
Getting new orders.
Finally flying a helicopter myself.