James Cameron's Dark Angel Screenshots

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Xbox version

Main Title
Main Menu
Opening cinematic, sort of in a style of TV series.
Among extras, there is a photo gallery of Max (Jessica Alba).
Logan will be there to give you some online backup and provide you with a mission briefing.
Starting the game as just another day on the job.
Using the enhanced sight.
When it's not happening too fast, you can trace the blue line of your kick.
Bouncing from the wall, spinning, kicking,... most of the combos are based upon where your nearest target is.
Now this what I call a flying kick in the teeth.
Using a keycard to enter even more secured area.
When in rage mode, your traces are red and kicks are different and more deadly.
Igniting the fuel barrels to make a new path.
Why do games always make you feel so outnumbered?
When combos won't work, taking one enemy at the time might do the trick.
Activating rage mode will blow out of scope any nearby attacker.
Being spotted by the guards with machine guns can't be good.
Computer room may have some clues.
Evading the reflectors, as some missions literally require stealth.
Sneaking upon enemy, yet missed by an inch.