James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence.
The Beginning
The Beginning (AGA version)
The level selection map: Open a door to access the level. Note that most doors are locked, so you do have to complete the lower levels first.
Robocod in action.
Ingame. Robocod has just disposed of one of those pesky birds.

Atari ST version

One of the first games with product placement
Title and credits
First level
Second level

Commodore 64 version

Mission one
You can stretch
Grab hold of the ceiling
Title screen
Intro: Something fishy is afoot in the arctic.
Intro: Only Robocod can helps us now...
Intro: A plug for Penguin biscuits.
Start of the game.
A level door.
Tennis balls.
Watch out for the giant walking toys.
I'm flying!
Exploring the level.

DOS version

Title Screen
The Beginning - there is much to do!
Happy travel with our toy car
Black & White - only in this level!
RoboCod is at the tops...
Flying with toy birds
Scretch up yourself!
First Boss
A Bonus level
Play the level in reverse angle
Where is he going? Wov!
Running on a train
RoboCod is getting points after the end of a level
Intro: Something fishy is afoot in the arctic...
Intro: Only Robocod can help us now!
Toy shop.
The first door.
Start of level.
Climbing across.
The arrows shows where to go.
Defeated the first boss. Hooray!

Game Boy version

Title screen
Just like the SNES version, the Game Boy port is called "Super James Pond", and not "James Pond 2: Codename Robocod" or a variation of the latter.
First stage
James is very flexible with his robotic suit. Certain cannot be reached without using this feature.
Climbing along the ceiling.
An enemy was hidden in that box.
In order to use the exit, we must first find and disarm all booby-trapped penguins.
We can also fly if we find wings.
Card birds are attacking!
All levels are accessed through doors in a castle. The doors to higher levels only unlock if we finish all lower stages before.
Level statistics
The first boss: A giant teddy.
A large head of James marks levels already completed.
Level 2
Many enemies are toys, like this train.
Avoid the bullets.
The second boss: The teddy again, he only takes more hits this time.
This stage looks quite minimalistic.
A bonus stage.
This level's architecture is made from board games.
Cards whose back is visible are hidden gaps.
Chess figures.
The third boss: The teddy AGAIN! I'm not making this up.
In this level you can see the product placement for Penguin Biscuits.

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Language selection
Intro: Dr. Maybe produces cleverly disguised elf bombs.
James Pond sees this and is on the job.
At Santa's occupied factory
All levels are accessed from the factory through doors
First level
If he finds an umbrella, James falls much more slowly.
In each level, all booby-trapped puppets must be found and defused.
the blue soldiers belong to the more common enemies.
Each time we defuse a bomb, a number with the bombs still left in the level appears.
I don't like this car's expression.
Pond at full speed
Several types of vehicles can be found, in this case a car.
The bottles with the skull on them are negative item which drain your health.
The bus throws tiny passengers at you.
Level completed; we get a password
Completed levels have the face of James on their doors.
The sign is a checkpoint
At least the programmers did not remove the TMNT shirts from the original version.
Apart from the car, you can find an aeroplane.
The first boss
Guess this toy was filled with TNT, too.

Game Gear version

Main title screen
Castle od Dr. Who (level selector)
First encounter
Second level and new enemies
Level completed
Boss fight against a giant teddy
Boss exploding
This level makes me hungry.
Find all penguin bombs
All eyes on me
Rising high
Catch your train
Check point
It's getting narrow
Ouch, stupid car!
Boss fight against a giant car that spits out smaller cars
Crossing a water level in a bathtub
This boss attacks us solely with his head.
We all live in a yellow ...
Fighting the Queen of Hearts

Genesis version

Title (Japanese version)
The house is your main level, from where you access all others
Dropping inside
Side-scrolling train
A level with spikes everywhere
Pond can hang from any ceiling
Creme cake level
Upside-down level!
Completing a part of the house
A level with many shoes
A level with many trees
I'm flying! I'm flying!
A modern-looking level
Pond the pilot
Bonus level
A level with background bears
Boss battle - ferocious bear
Another cake level
Bonus underwater level
Penguin level
A level with hostile trains

Nintendo DS version

Title screen with main menu.

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Hanging around behind door 1
A present for me!
Found the exit and the penguins
First door clear
The second door is very vertical in its layout
Hurt by a flying... thing
Aiming at the liquorice man
Look, a tooth paste man!
Outside Santa's castle

SNES version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen (U. S. version)
Starting outside toy factory (U. S. version)
Begin level one (U. S. version)
Collecting goodies (U. S. version)
An enemy (U. S. version)
Game Over (U. S. version)