Jasper's Journeys Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Main menu
Level 1
Dropping bird
Goblin with spear
Level 2 transport
Guarded shield
Hidden treasure
Flying key
Sharp spikes and treasures chamber
Trampoline jumping
Secret passage
End of level
Level 3
Shooting sorcerer
It looks too easy
Armoured Pid - end level boss
Level 4
On the bridge
Inside the caves
Bats attack
Acid drops

DOS version

Title screen (shareware episode).
The opening narration tells the background story behind the game.
Jasper is dropped into every level by a friendly dragon.
Typical for the genre, you can jump on clouds to collect useful items and reach secret areas.
When left alone for some time, Jasper will do this idle animation of juggling stars.
You need to collect fruit to power your ranged attack.
This troll isn't very friendly. He only has a close range attack and isn't very aggressive but he constantly jumps around and is hard to hit.
You can only save your game at inns, which aren't available on every level.
A room full of goodies. The art in the game is very nice.
These blue flowers act as trampolines, allowing Jasper to jump higher. Much of the gameplay involves carefully timed jumps.
A fireball-spitting creature.
Crossing a moat to enter the castle.
This dungeon has an Ancient Greek feel to it.
This wasteland is full of boulders that can roll uphill as well as downhill in apparent defiance of the laws of gravity.
Another castle, this time at night.
Stashes like this aren't very frequent. On the whole, the game is not very easy.

Windows version

Title screen.
The few options in the options screen.
Instructions, page 1. How to play the game.
Instructions, page 2.
Instructions page 3. The potions can help a great deal, but they are only active for the duration of the level in which they are found.
Page 4 of the "Instructions" is actually the Credits.
Common enemies, birds like to drop rocks on Jasper's head.
Goblins - at least they look goblin-like to me. Two hits needed to take them out - one to knock off the helmet, and one to crack the skull.
What indie platformer would be complete without spikes to jump over?
This little piggy is about to become bacon.
Innkeepers charge for everything.
Secret passages often lead to treasure.
This fire breathing demon will have a hard time getting to Jasper.
One of the game's multiple bosses, the Fire Snake is quite fearsome - unless you're packing a flying potion.