Jet Grind Radio

Jet Grind Radio Screenshots

Android version

Welcome to Tokyo... er -to!
Grinding on a rail.
Jumping for joy.
Everyone has to test you.
Tab shows off his handiwork.
The fluid motions of graffiti art.
A drive-by.
Hitching a ride up an incline.
DJ. Prof. K!
Onishima, what big teeth you have!
Select what you'll be tagging with.
Cars in Tokyo-to must get money off their insurance for hitting skaters...
Running from the neo-police!
The rotating Jet Set Radio symbols can be picked up to earn new graffiti designs.
A more complex paint job.
Stage cleared!
A rival gang is invading the GG's turf!
Mission select map
Intro to Benten - land of eternal gloaming.
What! Tear gas...
...will be deployed!?
Tagged the police chief's back, he's not a fan of Gum's work...
These techno graffitists have robotic painting arms, let's sneak up on him and grab his paint!
The police are confounded!
A long spiral pipe to grind on.
Mew doesn't think you're going to impress her /yawn
In pursuit of Mew.
Everyone is partying in the HQ, even though a rival group has filled it with frogs.
About to usurp a love shocker's place.
Paint fast! The police are trying to run you down with motorcycles!
Make your own custom graffito.

Jet Grind Radio Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Main menu
Graffiti interface
Game intro
Grinding on a rail
Character select
Running from the cops
Level select
The Monster of Kogane level
Benton Boogie level

Jet Grind Radio Screenshots

Windows version

Warning while loading the game
Title screen
Main menu
Beat is very happy he completed a tutorial section.
Hitch a ride to get up steep sections faster.
Game hub
Character selection
Gum needs to get another gang away from her turf.
The police arrive and try to grab you.
Replacing a rival tag with your own.
Stage cleared.
Grinding for points