Jet Ion GP Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

The game's start screen. There's no animated introduction in this game, it displays the company logos for Crave & Gust and then this. Played via an emulator.
The game's main menu
The controller configuration. This can be customised
There are race records and team records. These are the default records at the start of the game
The player does not enter their name, they sign up to a team and take the role of one of that team's pilots
This is the start of a Grand Prix. The view in the window changes as the player gets a pilots eye view of the course while text scrolls upwards beneath it
This race has a rolling start and a pretty pink start/finish lane
It took me a while to figure this out but the coloured ribbon is what the vehicles draw energy from, stray too far off course and the craft loses power
The qualifying times seem tough at first but they can be beaten with practice
This is what it looks like when a race is won. The same screen, but with a slightly different wording, is also used to show the pilots qualifying results
Each race can be replayed and from this position the plane looks rather cool
The second course is set in a cave, though obviously there are some outdoor bits. The rainbow is just that, a rainbow. It is not an arc the player must fly around
Straying from the course results in a loss of power
The player gets to enter their name when they get on the score sheet by setting a new track record in the Timeattack
This is a shot from the animated sequence that is displayed when the player leaves the game standing at the 'Press Start Button' screen for too long
Playing a Grand Prix. This is race four out of five which takes place ay night in Twinklepolis. In this race replay the player has just emerged from a tunnel over the city
Playing a Grand Prix, this is the final course 'Black Pudding'. It's full of diving, swooping turns and flying through pipes in an industrial complex
The 'Black Pudding' course, this is the beginning of the section where the player has to fly between pipes in the industrial complex
When the player wins the Grand Prix at Standard Level they get a prize and the chance to do it all over again in the Expert League.
Completing a Grand prix unlocks the game's music option on the main menu, now the player can listen to any od the highlighted tracks
After winning the Expert B Grand Prix another vehicle is made available, the trophy is more elaborate and the races become longer.