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Jet Moto

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Futuristic racing with an old-school philosophy. PlayStation Anatole (52)
PlayStation version was better Windows Mullet of Death (604)

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Platform Votes Score
Android 1 5.0
PlayStation 9 3.5
PlayStation 3 2 4.0
PSP 1 5.0
PS Vita Awaiting 1 votes...
Windows 5 3.2
Combined MobyScore 18 3.6

The Press Says

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PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Consider this game as WaveRace on the Playstation. SingleTrac has put their seal of quality of this game. The 10 tracks are very challenging as well as exciting. When you water cycle drops 200 feet, your stomach goes along with it. The physics of this game are incredible, and the game is full of gut-wrenching action. The Two-player Mode is also a nice touch. The sound and visual effects of the mud and water squirting off of the back of you water cycle are incredible. It's a solid, well-designed game!
I think Jet Motto is one of the best games available for Playstation. Sony has done a great job in making this game super addicting. This is a very difficult game to describe but a very easy one to play. The best advice I can give you is, if you are still not sure if it is for you, rent it, play it, buy it. I know you will. This gave is evil. The more I think about it, if you ever want to do anything but play this game, you may not want to buy it. I can't stop playing. I have ten other games that are still wrapped in cellophane. I am making my girlfriend hide the game so I can start playing something else.
WindowsElectric Games
Racing is a lot of fun. Getting out on the tracks with a whole complement of other racers is a very enjoyable experience. Choosing the right bike is important, as is learning the strategies that you'll need to shave that last few seconds off your time. The bikes come equipped with a magnetic grapple that you can use to make extremely tight turns. Put all your knowledge and practice together and you get a fast paced, fun racing game that anyone can enjoy. Bottom Line: Excellent graphics and music. Lots of fun to play. The number of tracks available to you is limited by your skill.
PlayStationGame Revolution
All in all, JetMoto is a fun racing game, with good graphics, and great sound and music. It's not the most realistic racing game, but it will attract both the passive racing game player, and the racing fanatics.
PlayStationMega Fun
Die vielseitigen Air Bikes und die zehn abwechslungsreichen sowie großen Rundkurse bieten viel adrenalinfördernde Action, die durch das enorme Tempo noch zusätzlich geschürt wird. Genauso einfallsreich präsentiert sich auch das gesamte Umfeld mit den Comic-Bildern in HiRes-Modus sowie die ungewöhnliche sechziger Jahre Happy-Surf-Musik, die mich persönlich stark an Pulp Fiction erinnert und sicherlich nicht jedermanns Sache sein dürfte. Bei der Grafik gibt es Licht und Schatten. Als Pluspunkte zählen die coolen Wasserspiegel- Effekte und der kaum erkennbare Grafikaufbau. Negativ sind hingegen fehlende Schattierungen sowie relativ grobe Texturen. Sicherlich ein Tribut den die Programmierer zahlen mußten, um den Zwei.Spieler-Split-Screen realisieren zu können. Rein spielerisch darf man kein ausgeklügeltes Fahrverhalten wie bei Sega Rally oder WipEout erwarten, dafür aber umso mehr pure Action und viel Spannung. Insofern sicherlich eine tolle Alternative für alle Hobby-Racer.
It is the constant rush of variation on each track that makes it so fun to throw the bike around, and even though it’s tough to beat, Jet Rider rewards your persistence with ample delights by using the win-to-unlock-other-tracks method, with ten large courses eventually becoming selectable. Twisted Metal 2 fans who are intrigued but think they may miss their weapons will not be disappointed either, as Jet Rider’s gameplay keeps you continuously engaged in just making it round the track, with no time to fire fiddly missiles. If you can handle the mayhem of Twisted Metal with the finesse of Wipeout 2097 then pick this up.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
It takes a while to learn how to manoeuver your jet-ski, but its worth persevering. Some of the tracks are very difficult and will need to be practiced over and over before you will be able to win, but this just adds to the life-span of the game.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Lot's of fun and there is also hidden shortcuts to discover on each course. Jet Moto is a worthwhile addition to the Playstations already impressive selection of racing games.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
In conclusion, Jet Moto isn't a wimpy racing game -- it offers unparalleled challenge, innovative vehicles and lots of options. Although the graphics leave somewhat to be desired, racing fanatics should give this game a whirl; it may even appeal to non-racing fans. Kudos to SingleTrac for an inspired, innovative game!
PlayStationHigh Score
Jet Moto är ett väldigt trevligt racingspel som kräver en hel del teknik.
Overall, this is a game that should be getting a lot more credit than it is. If you appreciate careful level design, and want a game that you'll still be playing two weeks (or two moths) after you buy it, check out Jet Moto. You won't be disappointed.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Die Ideen, die alle in Jet Moto stecken, hätten bei anderen Entwicklern gut und gerne für drei Rennspiele gereicht. Da wäre etwa zu nennen: die große Bewegungsfreiheit der Bikes, die Sache mit den Magnetspulen oder die Möglichkeit, ein und das selbe Rennen auf verschiedenen Teilstrecken zu fahren. Dies und viele andere Kleinigkeiten machen das Programm zu einem Fest für Vielfahrer, die sonst schon alles gesehen haben.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Was JetMoto den meisten Konkurrenten voraus hat, ist neben originellen Fahrzeugen die für einen Fun-Racer ungewöhnliche Spieltiefe. Um in den Genuß einer Bestzeit zu kommen, will neben der normalen Steuerung noch der Einsatz der Turbos, Magnetbeams und Rolls gelernt sein. Da der Schwierigkeitgrad auch nicht ohne ist, sollten Sie schon einiges an Talent mitbringen, um mehr als die anfänglichen drei Strecken zu Gesicht zu bekommen. Doch Ausdauer lohnt sich, denn das Design der Kurse ist phantasievoll und abwechslungsreich. Sieht man von der angestaubten Grafik einmal ab, ist JetMoto das ideale Programm für alle, die nach einem anspruchsvollen Rennspiel suchen, ohne sich mit einer richtigen Simulation abquälen zu wollen.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Not just another “sports of the future” game, JET MOTO blends the '90s trend of “extreme” sports with the venerable tradition of arcade racing games, providing lightning-fast action to gamers ready for a refreshing take on PC racing.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Jet Moto is a great conversion of the very popular Playstation title of the same name. What makes it difficult is that games like this don’t always fare well in their conversions to the PC. On the Playstation the game was very well received and did very well. The graphics were not up to the N64 competition, but the gameplay was far superior. The PC version seems to take on the role of having better graphics than its Playstation relative, but it does not seem to take full advantage of the PC’s power. The gameplay and tracks are all exciting to play and the game definitely grows on you as you race more tracks and play at higher levels. The multiplayer option is a great addition, giving the game extra life since you can play against a group of friends at one time. Jet Moto is a solid racing simulation but can become a little old after playing it for a while. There really are not any other titles that can compete with this type of racer.
Jet Moto has some really cool features, but the game takes far too long to master. Avid gameplayers who are really into racing games will get their money's worth out of this title. However, those seeking casual thrills are better off skipping this title in favor of a game that's easier to learn.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The courses sport all kinds of wild jumps and obstacles, but turbo boosters and a grappling hook improve your chances. A very intriguing premise, but you've been warned: The bike's unmanageable handling and the absurdly unrealistic jumps and crashes spoil the fun.
The sheer delight of Nintendo’s jet-skiing pacesetter Wave Race 64 is something that others will find hard to emulate. Jet Moto aims high and falls short but at least manages to bring more new ideas to this burgeoning genre than any of its immediate competitors.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games
This game is better off left alone. If you need to play a jet ski game play the sequels or just play a different racing game period. This one causes frustration and is a terrible first impression of the PSX's capabilities.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
In comparison to Psygnosis' spectacular port of Wipeout XL, it seems like the folks at SingleTrac just did the bare minimum to bring this game to the PC. Jet Moto is still a good game, but this lackluster port just reinforces its place in the PlayStation's library.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
I also like Jet Moto's slick presentation, with its gnarly surfer music and stylish illustrations boasting some seriously hot chicks. The game is also notable for its liberal use of advertisements, including copious ads for Mountain Dew and Butterfinger. Jet Moto somehow sold enough copies to merit two sequels, but I suspect that was more due to lack of competition than quality gameplay.