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ZX Spectrum

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Great game, and good looking to (even though it’s on the Spectrum) ZX Spectrum Nakre Nakresson (70)
Tricky Fun ZX Spectrum Tom White (14)

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Platform Votes Score
VIC-20 5 3.7
ZX Spectrum 19 3.8
Combined User Score 24 3.8

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VIC-20Commodore User
The graphics are smashing, lots of lovely hi-re stuff as you zip about on your Jetpack or go walkies on the bits of extra terrestrial firma that appear from time to time along with the goodies like gold, jewels and fuel. Lots of zingy sonics too, phasey lasers and big bangs and more. Oh I like it. I like it! I will say no more but go and get one quick.
VIC-20Commodore User
Almost as exciting as watching Columbia land, this game cannot be faulted - it is thoroughly playable and totally addictive for all members of the family (except perhaps the dog).