Jeu d'Henri Trivia (Windows 3.x)

Jeu d'Henri Windows 3.x The start of a game.<br>There's not much else to show because at the end of the game there's just a blank window with all the coins removed


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Why 'Jeu d'Henri'?

The author named the game after a Frenchman he met while working for The Peace Corps, this is the story he tells in the game's documentation.

This game was taught to me by old expatriot Frenchman in the country of Chad (Africa) while I was being trained to be a teacher with the Peace Corps. Apparently, Henri used to play this game with the Italian roadworkers who had come to build a road system in Chad (a hopeless proposition). After several years of having played him, the Italians still could not figure out why he never lost.

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