Jewel Match 3 Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Loading screen
Intro story
Title and main menu
Do you want timed or relaxed?
Game start story
Gathering crystals from the fountain
Level 1. The only level with only one board.
After-level stats
Level 2, board 1
You need to get the magical seed to the bottom of the board.
As this is a free version, they bug you to buy the full version.
Putting the seed in front of a crystal
Hidden object area.
You found Gidren's Hammer
Start restoration on the castle
Level 3 with chained gem
Your uncle has a Chain Breaker spell he can use for you.
Gildren's Hammer is now available.
You're running out of time. Give up a life for two extra minutes of time or risk it?
The castle is coming along. And I planted a magical plant.
A Rainbow Gem was made by making a match of four gems.
Get the key to the bottom of the board to unlock the locked area on the lower left.
I put the puzzle back together and now I have a Chain Destroyer spell.
A helix was created by making a match of five gems. A Helix can clear an entire horizontal row.
Introducing fog
These tiles are unpolished. You have to match them twice to clear them.
I ran out of time and lost a life.
Castle's coming along just fine.
Introducing wooden boxes.