Jigsaw Madness Screenshots

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PlayStation version

The game's title screen. After a short wait the 'Press Any Button' text appears
The UK release still has a language selection screen at the start
Starting a Normal jigsaw. This is the game configuration and picture selection screen. All pictures are arranged in groups of five, see the later Exhibition screenshots
The game configuration options.
Starting a normal jigsaw on the simplest settings. First the image is shown and then, after Ready, Steady, Go!, the game begins
Playing a normal game on the simplest setting. The mini picture in the lower right moves out of the way when that corner piece is played, which is a nice touch.
A completed puzzle.
It compiles game stats! It's a jigsaw puzzle! If I'd known about this I would have tried harder.
This is a multiplayer game. Each player grabs pieces and positions them in the frame. The blue circle indicates they have been correctly placed. Taken from the game's rolling demo.
The start of a two player battle. All games start with Ready, Steady, Go! Taken from the game's rolling demo.
A two player battle in progress. In each picture the darker pieces represent pieces placed by the opponent. Taken from the game's rolling demo.
This is the picture exhibition. It allows the player to scroll through the groups of pictures.
This is another group of pictures that are available for use as puzzles. This shows that the puzzles are not all photographs, a fair number are drawings like these
In the Exhibition pictures can be elected for full screen display. Screenshot taken via an emulator. On-screen there are black bands at both top and bottom