Jigsaws Galore Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Splash screen. (v7.20)
The tip of the jigsaw has useful tips when you start a jigsaw. (v7.20)
A jigsaw in progress. (v7.20)
You can adjust the settings in the Preferences window. (v7.20)
Receive your jigsaws by using the Jigsaw mailbox feature in Version 7 of Jigsaws Galore. (v7.20)

Windows version

Splash Screen

Shareware version v1.1
The game screen showing some menu bar options and the optional mini picture Shareware version v1.1
There is in game help but it opens into a new window

Shareware version v1.1
(v1.2) Splash screen
(v1.2) The puzzle selection interface. The game comes with a number of pre-made puzzles.
(v1.2) Putting together a picture of a motorbike.
(v1.2) A more complicated puzzle, with the background color changed and the outlines turned off.
(v1.2) Trying to complete such a complex puzzle is madness. Cheat features, such as Auto-Solve, may come in handy.
(v1.2) Creating a custom puzzle from an image from our hard drive. You can set the default number of pieces, as well as the "oddness" of their shape.
(v1.2) The sounds of applause appear once we've solved the puzzle.
(v2.0) Version 2 adds some features, such as trays to store puzzle pieces in, or handy tips.
(v4.0) Version 4 enhances the program's appearance a little, by allowing you to choose skins (background images) for the interface.
(v4.0) This version also adds several piece edge styles, as well as a "ghost picture" feature.
(v4.0) Version 4 also adds more piece shapes.
(v4.0) Creating a custom puzzle in version 4; now you can also choose the default piece shape.
(v6.13) Version 5 and later have a more colorful interface.
(v6.13) The included pre-made set of puzzles changes completely in version 6.
(v6.13) Solving a fish jigsaw.
(v6.13) Version 6 features "fun pieces" with fanciful shapes that can be set to be included among other jigsaw pieces; here you can see three of them.
(v7.17) Version 7 features a new, full-screen jigsaw selection interface.
(v7.17) Version 7 features a texture for the background.
(v7.17) Solving a colorful puzzle, with some pieces in the tray.
(v7.14) Workaround showing an open folder for more games than allowed on playfield.

Official Screenshots

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  • Jigsaws Galore Screenshot
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  • Jigsaws Galore Screenshot
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