Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
The big bad aliens operate out of this ship
An evil minion of King Goobot
The options screen
Jimmy's underground lab
Jimmy's friend Carl Wheezer, using his inhaler
Collecting neutrons like these keep Jimmy and his jet-pack powered up
In practice mode, working on scootering skills
Jimmy's school, where he often meets up with friends
This kid thinks he's going to beat Jimmy in a scooter race
The local playground has a merry-go-round Jimmy can ride
Poor Jimmy - his dad is always hanging out at the bar
Jimmy can collect flowers and bring them home for his mom
Mmmm, snacks!
Gatting ready to zap the dino with a shrinking ray
Jimmy uses a remote to send his robot dog Goddard through the subway sewers
Jimmy can usually find a teleportation booth nearby
The destination keypad inside a teleportation booth
Practicing rocket-flying
On the Mummy ride at Retroland
A view just inside Retroland
Keeping track of what's been collected
The Inventions menu